Installation and optimism of “Audiophonics ES9028Q2M”

updated in 24 Dec, 2017


I would not mention much the willing of The ncessity to have a wireless PC-Hifi system. Tough had collected a quantity of CD and LP, I believe the digitization of music library would be indispensable during some special cases.

Though official site of Audiophonics indicates the capability to Volumio (A multi-platform music players), unfortunately, I have encountered much time in the past days and, honestly, got an upsetting experience when piecing together by Audiophonics and Volumio1.

Even, I make much satisfaction with the sound from DietPi, personally, more clear and pure voice, the efficient start time and the design of UI, finally, the stability by comparing to Volumio.

The article aims to provide a reference for serious philharmonicgeek, the who have limitation of expense but the intension of high fidelity “enough” quality.

The General Workflow

The Workflow of Signal Connection

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